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Johannes-Wilhelm Rörig

Sexual violence in childhood or youth has long-term effects. Prompt, easily accessible and individual assistance is indispensable in order to appropriately deal with the experience of violence. However, the path to counselling or therapy is not always easy and can prove to be an additional strain on the victims, their families and others in their immediate environment. The Sexual Abuse Help Portal is by no means a substitute for the necessary personal assistance on the ground; however it seeks to be a road map facilitating rapid access to this vital assistance not only for victims and those who are close to them but also for professionals who are looking for more information on the topic. By setting up this help portal we are complying with the recommendations of the former Round Table on Child Sexual Abuse which clearly emphasised that we need education to better prevent sexual abuse in Germany. Further, we must ensure that victims receive individual assistance quickly.

Johannes-Wilhelm Rörig, Independent Commissioner for Child Sex Abuse Issues

Additional information on the Independent Commissioner can be found here: (in German)

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On sexual abuse

The sexual abuse of children is any sexual act that is conducted on or in the presence of a child, either against the child’s will or to which the child is unable to consent knowingly owing to his/her physical, emotional, mental or linguistic inferiority. 

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