Sexual abuse: facts and background information

Boys and girls alike can be victims of sexualised violence. Children and adolescents with disabilities and special needs are at a clearly higher risk of experiencing abuse. Frequently, these crimes go undetected for long periods of time. Only a few of those affected are able to open up about what they have gone through. Most remain silent out of shame and the fear of causing their family distress. To break free from the abusive situation, they need professional assistance and the empathy and support of their attachment figures.

Where does sexual abuse begin? What strategies do the perpetrators employ? And what role is played by the victim’s social environment? Here you can get information about sexualised violence and its backgrounds. 


What is sexual abuse?

Where does sexual violence start? What acts constitute sexual violence? What motivates sexual offenders? Is it possible to recognise offences clearly? Read more about this topic here.

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Here are some of the methods offenders use.

Any child can become a victim of sexual abuse. However, there are a number of risk factors that offenders knowingly exploit and incorporate into their strategy. Find out more here.

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Take suspected abuse seriously

Children and young people do not invent abuse. If you suspect sexual violence, you should look into it. Counselling centres specialised in abuse help affected persons, their families and their social environment. Here you can get tips on what to do if you suspect abuse. 

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Sexual assaults among children and adolescents.

Sexual violence against children and young people is not only perpetrated by adults but also by young people. Even children of nursery school or primary school age can behave in a sexually abusive manner. In such cases, the social environment must react promptly so as to prevent further assaults. To read more on this topic, click here.

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Online assaults

Social networks and chat rooms make it possible. With the aid of falsified online identities, perpetrators worm their way into a girl’s or boy’s confidence. Find answers to many questions regarding sexual abuse using the internet here.

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Facts and figures.

How many cases of sexual violence are recorded by the police? How high do the experts estimate the real figures to be? These and other facts on sexual abuse in Germany have been brought together for you here.

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Find Help

You have been the victim of abuse in your childhood or youth and are looking for someone to help you cope with the experience? Or, you are trying to gain an overview of the therapy opportunities and counselling centres in your region? The help portal’s database will furnish you with the names of contact persons in your city or municipality. Professional assistance and counselling opportunities influence whether victims, relatives or their social environment are able to cope with sexual violence.