Against sexual violence – Database directs you to assistance in your region

You have been the victim of abuse in your childhood or youth and are looking for someone to help you cope with the experience? Or, you are trying to gain an overview of the therapy opportunities and counselling centres in your region? The help portal’s database will furnish you with the names of contact persons in your city or municipality. Professional assistance and counselling opportunities influence whether victims, relatives or their social environment are able to cope with sexual violence. 

Hilfe finden

Please note:
The mention of an opportunity or its inclusion in the database does not constitute a statement regarding the quality of the counselling given by individual persons in the field. However, specific quality standards were required for the inclusion of individual counselling opportunities. For example:

  • Only licensed doctors and psychotherapists who, in addition to their medical or psychological qualifications, indicated that they were experienced in the treatment of victims of sexual abuse were included in the database.

  • All of the lawyers are specialised in victim's law. They represent the interests of crime victims, for example as their accessory prosecution representative or in proceedings under the Crime Victim's Compensation Act.

  • With respect to the counselling centres, please refer to the explanations on the right under „Quality standards of counselling centres“.

Inclusion in the help portal is not linked to any form of 'certification' of the help opportunities in question or the award of a quality seal of any type.

Die Online Datenbank für Betroffene von Straftaten – ODABS bietet auch für Betroffene von anderen Gewalttaten eine Suche nach Fachberatungsstellen vor Ort an.